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GHCFE not only focuses on academics but provides students with essential life skills, holistic health, organic lunches, mindfulness, and self-awareness. We...
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GHCFE students will be empowered, through their gifts, and ethical development, to thrive in an eco-conscious way. GHCFE adheres to...
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General FAQ
  • Tuition/Fees/Scholarships

    What is the overall cost?  Are scholarships offered?  Are payment plans available?  Are there sibling discounts?
    Tuition rates can be found on our website

    For scholarships, requests must be made by contacting Tairi Grace.

  • Parents/Resources

    Is the school registered with the state of Illinois?
    Grace Holistic Center for Education is a non-public school registered with the state of Illinois & ISBE.  It is also a non-profit 501C3, state and federal.

    How do you communicate with parents?  What do you expect from me as a parent?
    You will be invited to our exclusive Facebook Grade-specific pages. There you can receive frequent communication and updates. Our staff expects that we work as a community and that you are a like-minded stakeholder in the well-being and education of your child.

    Is technology incorporated?  How much (if any screen time) is used?
    For Pre-K grades: No. We may watch occasional tutorial or documentary segment (less than 5 mins). For grades K-12, GHCFE will also Google Chromebook computers to enhance learning opportunities. When Chromebooks are used between classes, each student gets a personalized learning experience, including access to his or her own classwork, apps, books and videos.

  • Students/Facility

    How much time will children spend outdoors?
    Our goal is 60 minutes/day (weather permitting).

    What is the student/teacher ratio?
    Student: Teacher 6:1 (from 6-10 students we will have an aide).

    Does the preschool follow a school schedule or year round?  What is your holiday schedule?
    Explorations follow the school calendar which can be found here:

    How often are toys cleaned/replaced?
    Most of our toys will be natural and “undone” (almost finished) to allow the child’s imagination to fill in the rest. Toys will be cleaned on a daily basis. Children will participate in daily life skills development, including tasks that are applicable to the home (e.g. wiping down toys, sweeping, setting the table.

    Are children required to sleep?  Is there a nap schedule?
    Children are not required to sleep. However, they are required to rest. We are having custom furniture built and I hope to include basic toddler bed frames (retractable) for the Pre-K age group.

    If you don’t have a gym or gym class, will students receive appropriate exercise?
    We understand that recess and exercise are integral for body and brain growth from Pre-K through High School. GHCFE will begin each day, as a school, with yoga and meditation. Unlike other schools whose students participate in Physical Education once or twice a week, we are excited to offer daily yoga and meditation. Teachers and students alike will partake in the daily activities. We also will be going outside daily to explore our natural world. Our school has a natural, grassy area nearby which will be incorporating into our recess and lesson periods. We are also partnering with CAAEL to offer after-school intramurals.

    What is your favorite thing about Grace Holistic Center for Education?  What makes it unique?
    My favorite thing about GHCFE is that my children will be given the freedom to truly learn. By this, I mean that they will be encouraged to remain curious, explorative, creative, and brave. At GHCFE, are shown that each of them has something unique to contribute to the learning environment, and to celebrate that on a daily basis.

  • Testimonials
    • "We are thankful to see our son thriving fully as the person he has been created to be, and learning how to navigate life through a more holistic view."
      – Tammy Helfrich, Parent
    • "Instituting mindful practices into early childhood education is a possibility and is the main reason I see GHCFE as an important part of our community.”
      – Joel Frieders, GHCFE Board Member
    • “I am excited about Grace Holistic Center for Education because of the hands-on dedication that they will offer to each student as an individual."
      – Brigitte Johnson-Shepard, Parent
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