Our Micropped-ghcfe_logo200x1602ssion

Founded in 2016, Grace Holistic Center for Education (GHCFE) seeks to further the illumination of the human spirit. This endeavor is pursued by encompassing mind, body, spirit, and academics. We offer integrative education that provides a wide range of curriculum. One of the ways we achieve this objective is by cultivating active parent involvement, along with expanding global citizenship through service.

We believe that ingenuity and creativity should be allowed to thrive. Our offerings include daily yoga/meditation, which encourages intuitive problem solving and critical thinking. We also extend Immersion Spanish as a way to enhance memory and academic performance overall. Various programs are offered in the Arts such as music, dance, art, and culinary.

Grace Holistic Center for Education is a non-public school registered with the state of Illinois & ISBE.  It is also a non-profit 501C3, state and federal.