GHCFE adheres to the Illirl4rl-logonois State Learning Standards.

We exceed ISBE requirements!



Small class sizes ensure students receive one on one attention through a hands-on, Earth School curriculum. Core lessons stem from an integrated curriculum, so different subjects are woven into the day together. Lessons are also aligned with the multiple intelligence, and students will be challenged daily.  Small class sizes also allow for scaffolding learning at individualized pacing, which is unlike other area schools.

GHCFE is a hands-on school, which makes a lasting impression upon the learners, verses teaching to the worksheet or to the test. The AIMS Web program used tracks and graphs students’ progress. In addition to this, performance-based assessments will take place, with regular academic reports to promote the home/school collaboration.  Specialists in the areas of math and science will be challechromebooknging students as well through weekly lessons for grades three and up.

GHCFE will also utilize Google Chromebook computers to enhance learning opportunities. When Chromebooks are used between classes, each student gets a personalized learning experience, including access to his or her own classwork, apps, books and videos.


GHCFE is proud to offer alternative programs for students such as Pet Therapy, Aquaponics, and mindfulness classes.