Getting To Know Each Other

Posted by BShepard on August 28, 2017
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Category: Evolutions 6-8
The ‘Evolutions’ or middle school program at Grace Holistic has been busy getting to know their twelve class mates this first week of school. To reiterate the class statement of “Together We Are Better,” week one was spent getting to one one another individually, and through other art and activities. One such plan were class skits working together with minimal instruction from the teacher, Ms. Danielle. This allowed the true leadership of the students toRead More

Vowels in Creations

Posted by BShepard on August 28, 2017
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Category: Creations K-2
Our Creations Class (Kindergarten-2nd) is working hard on vowel sounds and writing using vowels. They are learning all about how special vowels are and the ways that vowels are different from all of the other letters. Students were interested to learn that vowels can make two different sounds and that there is at least one vowel in every word. Students thought about their own names and counted the number of vowels they have. Next, theyRead More