Core academics:

Students in high school at Grace Holistic Center for Education experience all the subjects one would take in a public high school. Language Arts and Literature curriculum are taught in such a way that they reinforce one another in theme or time period. We are preparing students in high school to be autonomous, functioning members of society who go on to improve their world. To that end, Grace curriculum meets every student where they are at. Students are not forced to think in terms of college bound futures only. As is the standard at this age, students are enrolled in a health curriculum that includes body awareness and sex education. Unlike many other approaches, GHCFE curriculum is not an abstinence-only approach and seeks to educate students about safe sex practices and encourages them to consider their body, mind and spirit.

Environment and Community:

Students at GHCFE are involved in aquaponics and seasonal gardening. They have various opportunities throughout the year to give back to the community including an annual random acts of kindness – giving a kind word to people at a selected location each December.


High School students at Grace Holistic Center for Education spend the first 15 minutes of everyday in meditation or yoga. Throughout the day, students are encouraged to be in touch with what they need to be successful. We encourage them to be mindful of their needs and to self-advocate.
From a global perspective, our curriculum at GHCFE reflects a mindfulness of other cultures. Students are encouraged to think of the world outside themselves.