Core academics:

24301143_1403897036399440_242440647103272973_nIn the K-2 classroom the academic focus is heavily based on learning foundational skills to help students become lifelong learners. The goal of early elementary school is to generate an inner enthusiasm for learning within every child. Students will learn core reading and math skills through hands on lessons and interactive curriculum. Students also participate in weekly science, spanish, music, and art class.

Environment and Community:

A focus in the primary years is to develop a strong connection to the earth through gardening and aquaponics. Students go on guided nature walks around and near school grounds and tend the school garden and aquaponics system. We also take weekly trips to Hoover Forest Preserve for outdoor lessons and nature exposure.


The curriculum emphasizes a natural connection between body and mind. Students are encouraged to explore the connections between their body and emotions, and to develop a sense of what their bodies have to say. A priority is placed on healthy, positive communication and mindfulness in all actions.