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Academics & Classrooms

Illinois State Board of Education Recognized

Core lessons stem from an integrated curriculum, so different subjects are woven into the day together. Small class sizes and mixed age learning also allow for learning at individualized pacing, which is unlike other area schools. We also spend as much time outdoors as possible.

As of 2021, we have six main classroom groups. You can find more information via the links below.

Our Classrooms


PreK and Kindergarten


Grades 1-2


Grades 3-4


Grades 5-6


Grades 7-9


Grades 10-12



Approaching math as a confidence building tool helps feed students’ minds and helps them want to learn more. Taking said approach in a supportive, group learning environment pushes students further into developing solutions to mathematical
situations, in the classroom as well as in real life, that the student can understand, explain and support.

English and Language Arts

Younger grades have English & Language Arts (ELA) with their core teacher, and upper grades (5-12) have ELA with a designated ELA teacher. We build on the foundations that were learned in previous years, and work on skills that may need to be polished. The goal of the classroom is to give students a love of learning, in or out of the classroom.


Science exists for the sake of understanding the world that surround us. To understand as far away as the edge of the Universe and beyond, and as close to us as the molecules that compile us. We approach Sciences as daily elements of our lives. We “science” our way through life without even thinking about it. 


Yoga & Meditation

We counter stress with a daily practice of yoga and meditation, starting with the first 15 minutes of every school day. In addition, since we value mindfulness so highly, we regularly have guest speakers who teach us about meditation, sound therapy, philosophy and other topics. GHCFE sees students as a whole being and will grow and nurture their mind, body and spirit.


Our Sustainability program is something you won't find elsewhere. We learn life skills like soap-making and pie-baking, plant gardens and learn about keeping bees. It's hands-on learning at its best.

Music and Art

All grades at GHCFE receive both music and art every week. Preschool and K-12 students will discover and investigate the 4 main branches of art (music, movement, drama, and visual art) as well as the connections between them in an integrated curriculum that will expose them not only to the basic principles of each, but will also demonstrate the rich and vital connection between the arts and culture.



All grades preschool through high school receive Spanish lessons weekly, in which students are encouraged to grow in their understanding of the Spanish language through the arts and play. The advanced classes also use standard Spanish curriculum to supplement lessons for their age group. During Spanish lessons, students explore language and culture.


GHCFE partners with Aurora University by utilizing graduate level interns every school year.  Currently we have four graduate level interns that do weekly check-ins with the students as well as run mindfulness groups. These interns are also available to students on an as needed basis in case they need to talk or for conflict resolution.

Pet Therapy

GHCFE partners with Fur Angels Animal Sanctuary and many of our pets are seeking their forever home. Since opening in 2016 we have found forever homes for many of our foster animals. Students care for pets, which helps foster not only empathy but also responsibility and respect for animals.

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