Expansions: Grades 10-12

Our goal as a school is to encourage young minds to their full potential. This results in young men and women better prepared for what is out there. We achieve this by providing a thorough, ISBE approved curriculum. Curriculum will include World History; stemming from antiquity, English Literature; understanding the beauty of the English language, Life Skills; a D&D adventure on real life, together with Journaling, Writing, Art, Science, Spanish, Music, and Math.

Learning should not be a burden, but it should be treated with respect and consideration. It is expected of High School students to demonstrate academic responsibility by taking ownership of their work. We will provide all the necessary guidance, within a safe environment, for students to be able to “rehearse” at life, without the reality that the outside world provides.

Regardless where your child’s future takes them, at Grace you can rest assured that we will help them prepare. Whether they choose to go to college, learn a trade, run a household, or live a life of adventure, it is our responsibility to ensure our students learn as many skills as they need to be able to accomplish their dreams.

Learning to live in community is paramount to the human existence. That is why, starting in the classroom, we will learn to live by the rules of Kindness, Compassion, and Respect, and how we can extend these values into our communities. It is our job to walk the talk and show others the simplicity of giving and helping others.

Every day begins with a quick yoga session or mindful journaling to help students get ready and energized for the school day. Often, we choose to take the classroom outside and enjoy a beautiful day while reading literature, or learning about ancient politics, or simply because we need a mental break from our daily routines. All these efforts geared towards our holistic approach to education.