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Expansions: Grades 10-12

At Grace Holistic Center for Education, we see and value each of our high school students as
individuals about to embark on the rest of their lives.

Since our class sizes are limited to 12 students, your child will not get lost in a sea of personalities and, instead, will have an opportunity to shine. Our staff will engage with each student to help identify their career preferences.  We can take curriculum a step further at GHCFE and individually guide them towards a successful future. 

Small class sizes allow for individual experiences.  When students are in their junior and/or senior year, we offer internships with local businesses in the community.  We place students within an industry they have expressed interest.   Past students have worked alongside Beauticians, IT Professionals, Journalists, Artists, Florists, as well as in Chiropractic, and Welding.  The list of opportunities continues to grow each year. 

Other Great Opportunities for our Upperclassmen:

  • One on one college/career planning with an Academic Advisor

  • Dual enrollment through Waubonsee Community College

  • Starting in our 2022-2023 school year, Advanced Placement Coursework

  • Partnership with IVVIC, Indian Valley Vocational Center, for coursework in various trades 

  • National Honors Society Membership recognition and scholarship opportunities

  • Professional Guest Speakers on financial wellness, life skills, personal wellness

Grace Holistic Center for Education encourages students to embrace our school and surrounding neighborhood as their own.  We emphasize on giving back through school organized activities as well as community volunteering. 

Everyday life with mixed age learning offers lessons in growth, patience and perspective that a traditional setting cannot match. 

Our student body is one that is close knit, mindful and focused on building each other up. 

Our approach of meeting students where they are at personally and academically, paired with our holistic approach to education is what elevates them to success in high school and beyond. 

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