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Transitions: Grades 5-6

In the 5-6th grade class room, we build on the foundations that were learned in previous years, and work on skills that may need to be polished. The goal of the classroom is to give students a love of learning rather it be in or out of the classroom. This is done in several ways. The transitions are set up into three “pods” that are not grade or age specific. This allows students to work on skills that they either lack or struggle with, without the embarrassment of being “held back” it also allows students to advance if they have mastered a skill, so they don’t get bored. Another advantage is that often students will lack in one subject and excel in another.

Students will learn core Language Arts, Vocabulary, Spelling, Math, and life skills through hands on lessons and an interactive curriculum. Students also participate in weekly Spanish, music, and art class. The curriculum emphasizes a natural connection between body and mind. Students are encouraged to explore the connections between their body and emotions, and to develop a sense of what their bodies have to say. A priority is placed on healthy, positive communication and mindfulness in all actions.

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