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Explorations: PreK and Kindergarten

In our PreK/K program, we place an emphasis on the fundamental academics for young learners. The alphabet, numbers, science, social studies, class jobs, art, music, and lots of time outside. The children use this time to discover all that the earth has to offer. They play in the dirt, snow, and puddles. We make many crafts with outdoor items, we discuss the weather daily. Children thrive when they are given the opportunity to use their imaginations outdoors as well as create optimal health from fresh air, exercise, and sunshine. In our classroom, we practice ways to be mindful of the feelings of our friends, our personal space, ways to comfort ourselves and others, how to interact in a way that is safe and kind, and we practice how to become a cohesive, united classroom of friends. Self-regulation is highly emphasized, as well as learning to be self-sufficient. We also integrate yoga and meditation as a way to learn how to find a calm space within for younger children.

Meet the Teachers: Jamie and Maddi
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